Business Partners

The Florida Chiropractic Foundation has partnered with the following businesses. The in-kind and financial support of our business partners is the key to the success of the Florida Chiropractic Foundation’s research programs. We greatly appreciate them for their continued and generous support.


Biotics Research


Biotics stated its intent to propose and support designated research projects validating nutrition and chiropractic through the funding of research grants at the University of Miami – Miller School of Medicine, the Lincoln Eminent Scholar Chair and the University of South Florida, and/or other accredited research institutions. “About one-eighth of the U.S. Economy is tied up in health care,” Denis DeLuca (Biotics Research President) noted. “At some point, people have to recognize the value of moving from a disease model to a wellness model”.


The Florida Chiropractic Foundation relies heavily on the donations and contributions of many in order to maintain and provide scholarships and research projects. For more information on how you can become a business sponsor for the Florida Chiropractic Foundation, please contact admin@floridachiropracticfoundation.org.


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